Can a Petite Woman Wear a Maxi Dress?

Woman Wearing a Maxi Dress

Many petites longingly wish that they could wear a maxi dress because they are under the assumption that this style of dress is a no-go for the shorter set. After all, maxi dresses are a stylish and fashionable choice for virtually any social event and they come in such a wide range of versatile designs and styles that nay women would love to wear.

If you are petite, you have probably wondered whether maxi dresses can work for you and you’ve probably also asked can a petite woman wear a maxi dress? The truth is that the versatility of maxi dresses makes them wearable by anyone despite misconceptions to the contrary. As a petite woman, the trick is to choose a maxi dress that flatters your body type, perhaps incorporate a few styling tricks, and maybe even pair your dress with the right accessories. By doing this, you will absolutely be able to rock this look.

Get the Right Cut for Your Body Type

The ideal maxi dress for your petite body is one that is cut to fit your size and frame. Dresses that are cut to fit closer to the body are preferable because they accentuate your shape.

In addition, maxi dresses that are cut from silk fabrics and other soft material are the most ideal for those who are shorter in height. That’s because maxi dresses made from the stiff material are not fluid enough to flow with your small body, and often produce a boxy look that may not work well with your petite frame.

So, opt for maxi dresses that emphasize your waist, because they not only flatter your body figure but also make you look taller.

The Length of Your Maxi Matters

When choosing a maxi dress that works for your body type, it’s important to think about length. When you are petite, the ideal maxi length should fall between your ankle and the top of your foot.

That’s because a long, flowing maxi will flatter your height, while a shorter maxi will emphasize the fact that you’re slighter in height. Basically, you don’t want to wear any maxi that falls at or above your ankles since a dress of that length will have a shortening effect.

At the same time, avoid dresses that are too long because they will make it difficult for you to walk or they will force you to hold them up all day, which is certainly less than ideal.

Consider the Neckline

As you focus on the length and cut of the maxi dress, don’t forget to also consider neckline, as it’s equally important if you are going to achieve a great look.

The neckline directly affects the appearance of the maxi dress as you wear it. There are abundant neckline options when it comes to maxis including the strapless, the spaghetti strap, the V-neckline, and the one shoulder neckline.

The neckline you choose depends on your personal preference, as well as your body size and type. However, one neckline that you can’t go wrong with no mater your body type, is the deep V. That’s because this particular neckline has an elongating effect on all types of petites, making you appear taller.

If you are petite and on the average to thin side, than you might also consider going for a halter-style neckline as these can also be elongating. However, this particular neckline isn’t quite as flattering for those who are plus-size or busty so, for those body types, this neckline is best avoided.

Consider Choosing a Solid Color

If you are petite, solid colors typically work best for maxi dresses. That’s because solid colors create a continuous flow in your appearance, which compliments your body type and creates the illusion of extra height.

Additionally, darker, solid colors produce a slimming effect. But, if you’re not hoping to look thinner, then go ahead and go for maxis in lighter monochromatic shades too.

Or Get Creative With the Right Prints

Printed maxi dresses are always fashionable, but if you go for a print, it’s important for you to choose ones that are proportionate to your body frame.

First of all, when you’re petite, it’s best to avoid big patterns unless you are mindful to wear large prints so that they flatter your petite frame, because you’re smaller size can easily be overwhelmed by large designs. Instead, choose smaller prints as these will compliment any petite body type while also making you look stylish. As an added note, if you have a medium or plus-size body, then medium-sized prints can work well for you.

When choosing a print, you can go for something floral prints or keep it simple with everyday prints. Just be sure to avoid horizontally-inclined prints, as they destroy the flowing effect of the maxi dress, ultimately making you look shorter.

Diagonal and Vertical Lines Are Long on Fashion

Maxis that feature lines in their designs can be both a good and bad fashion choice. The key is in knowing the type of lines to choose to best compliment your petitie frame

Basically, when choosing a striped or lined maxi, you will want to go for something with thinly subtle diagonal lines or a non-repetitive vertical line.

Most importantly, you will want to avoid horizontal or vertical lines that are bold and repetitive since lines of this type can have a widening and shortening effect.

Accessorize Stylishly

You can augment your maxi style by wearing the right accessories. For example, you can pick a handbag that complements your dress. Other accessories you can wear include necklaces and sunglasses.

Avoid bulky accessories that could make you lose the elegant look you want to achieve with this flattering style of dress.

When accessorizing your maxi, choose colors that are similar, or at least complementary to that of your dress. Carrying a handbag or wearing a belt that has a contrasting color could break the flowing maxi look, and compromise the look that you are hoping to achieve.

You can also achieve a classy-casual-maxi style by pairing your dress with a denim jacket. Or, you can create a chic look when dressing for a wedding  or even just the office by topping pairing your maxi with a cardigan.

Choose the Right Shoes

The right choice of shoes goes a long way in augmenting your maxi dress. Considering that a maxi dress will cover most of your legs, it is better to go for shoes that leave your feet open.

You can wear stylish heels or flat shoes with a maxi, but, no matter which type of shoes you choose, there are a couple things that you should consider.

If you opt for the heels, a strappy design works best with a maxi dress. For example, heeled, open sandals are a good choice. Or, if you choose flats, then thong sandals will work well with this style of dress, as they leave most of your feet on display.

Wearing a Belt Is a Cinch

A belt isn’t just a stylish accessory, but also a wonderful addition to compliment a maxi dress.

When choosing a belt, it’s best to avoid wearing one that is a contrast in color to that of your dress. In other words, if your maxi dress is grayish, your belt should be gray or a related color. Otherwise, the belt becomes an unwanted distraction and disrupts the continuous flow of the dress.

Also, the belt can be thin or thick depending on your body type and personal preferences. For example, if you have a short torso, a thin belt might be the preferred choice. A thick belt is preferable for a long torso, but a thin one can also work well.

Tying a Knot

If you fall in love with a dress but find that it doesn’t come in a length that fits your body size then you don’t have to force yourself to wear heels just to make it work or completely abandon any hope of ever wearing it at all.

Instead, you can deal with the problem of stepping on your long maxi dress with the help of a knot. That’s right, just by typing a small knot at the hem of the dress, you can make a too long maxi work.

You can tie the knot at the side of the dress or even in the middle. When tying the knot, be sure to make it round, so that it doesn’t look stange and compromise the elegance of the dress.

The advantage of this knot-tying trick is that you don’t have to wear extremely high heels to accommodate your maxi dress. Instead, you can wear any shoes you choose.

Wear a Maxi with Confidence

As you can see from all of the proceeding styling tips, if you like maxi dresses, there is nothing stopping you from adding these beautiful dresses to your wardrobe regardless of your height.

Just take these tips into consideration the next time you go shopping and you’ll be sure to look stylish in a maxi dress that is perfectly suited to you.

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