The Top 9 Fashion Accessories for Petites

Woman wearing a pendant necklace

Outfits just simply aren’t complete without accessories to really pull your look together. As with any body type, there are numerous ways to accentuate your features with accessories.

So, what are the top fashion accessories for petites?  They include:

For women with a petite figure, the best tip to keep in mind when choosing accessories is to stay proportionate to your body so as not to overwhelm your frame. Keep reading for a number of accessories that will best accentuate your petite frame.


Those with a petite body frame tend to have shorter torsos, so adding a belt is a great way to add some dimension to your look while also accentuating the waist. Look for belts that are colorful or have a fun pattern on them to add an interesting detail and focal point to your outfit. A width of around 1.5 inches is ideal when shopping for a skinnier belt to complete your look.

If you prefer the look of a wide belt, they aren’t completely off-limits. If you have a petite body frame and you’re searching for a wide belt, go monochromatic to avoid making your waist completely disappear. A wide monochromatic belt is going to add dimension without being the main focal point of your outfit or completely taking your waist away.


When shopping for accessories as a petite woman, the most important thing to remember is to choose accessories that will compliment your body frame, and not overwhelm it. When choosing necklaces, there are a lot of options to consider.

You can never go wrong with a classic pearl necklace, single-strand, multi-strand, or rope. A pearl necklace will add elegance to any outfit. Pendant necklaces that imitate a v-neck can create a flattering focal point as long as the pendant isn’t too large, adding unnecessary chunkiness to your neck.

Woman wearing a pearl necklace

If you choose a shorter necklace, a good rule of thumb is that the necklace should fall at the base of the neck. If you prefer the look of a long, layered necklace, opt for a single strand of small multi-strands to create a pleasant vertical line. 


Scarves are a super simple way for petites to accessorize while also adding an extra layer and can be worn during any season. When adding an extra layer with a scarf, go for a scarf made from thin, lighter fabric to avoid adding extra bulkiness. Opting for a skinny scarf rather than a bulky scarf is going to be much easier to work with, as there won’t be as much excess material to work with.

Thin, lightweight scarf


Bags are a great accessory for any women, because they combine style and functionality. While petite women are typically told to avoid going for bags that are a bit bigger, the truth is that bags of just about all sizes make great accessories for petites.

Clutch handbag

A clutch is a great option for a night out since they are an “essentials only” bag. Clutches compliment petite body frames and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns.

For everyday use, a great option is a cross-body bag. Cross-body bags are typically small to medium-sized and can be worn in a number of ways. Something to keep in mind is that cross-body bags will create a horizontal line of sorts, but most straps are adjustable to best compliment your height.

Satchel bag

Another option is a satchel. Satchel bags are great for a polished look because they are more structured and tailored. Since satchels come in all shapes and sizes, finding one to complement your wardrobe won’t be hard to do.

Chain bags are another option for petites.  But, whatever you do, remember this rule—keep it above the hip because chain bags that travel below the hip can be distracting on a petite frame.


An important tip to remember when selecting a shoe is to be careful not to add unnecessary heaviness to your feet.

If you’re the sort of woman who doesn’t mind heels, then completing your outfit with a classic pointed toe pump is going to create a flattering vertical line and give great shape to legs. However, remember to keep heels proportionate with your height and body frame.

Peep toe shoes or slingbacks are both great shoes to elongate the foot and can be worn as a pump or flat. If opting for a slingback, go for one with delicate details to avoid adding too much heaviness to your feet.

Flats are always a classy and comfortable option, especially if you don’t feel comfortable walking in heels, or if your daily life simply doesn’t allow you to wear heels all day. Flats can be found in virtually any color or pattern, and a pointed toe will still give you that elongated foot without adding extra heaviness or chunkiness.

Classy flats

Hats & Headwear

Hats are the ultimate statement accessory because they’re so unexpected. It used to be that no outfit was complete without a hat to complement it, but times and fashion have changed.

Floppy hats

Floppy hats have recently gained a lot of popularity and can add a fun element to outfits. A great rule to remember when choosing what size of floppy hat to go with is to never go wider than your shoulders.

If you don’t want to fully commit to a hat, consider a fascinator. Fascinators are light decorative headpieces that can be found in any color or size. The rule to remember with fascinators is to consider your own height, and not to choose a fascinator that is too tall.

And if a fascinator is not your style, then consider headscarves, which are making a trendy comeback. 

Avoid hats with too much color or print because these will become focal points and will dominate the outfit rather than complement it. Hats tend to go best with delicate accessories.  Likewise, pairing hats with excessive chunky jewelry will add heaviness to the outfit and create a disproportionate look.


Rings are great for adding a little sparkle to an outfit. Opting for dainty rings keeps accessories proportionate to your body and gives you the option of wearing multiple rings or stacking them. 


Earrings are another great way to add sparkle or a pop of color. Again, the secret to choosing the perfect pair for a petite body frame is to pick earrings that are proportionate to your body, avoiding excessively large earrings that are too long and heavy on the ears.

Simple stud earrings

Drop earrings create flattering vertical lines near the face, and stud earrings are an easy way to add a small statement piece to any outfit.

Bracelets & Watches

Many petites struggle with wearing bracelets or watches due to the smaller size of their wrists, but if you can find something that’s size to you, either of these can make for a beautiful fashion accessory.

Dainty bracelets and petite watches complement smaller wrists nicely and make any look appear more polished. Small cuff bracelets are also a great option for petite frames. Don’t be afraid to stack bracelets to add some dimension. Conversely, chunky bracelets with large pendants as well as large bangles tend to slip off easily and add too much unnecessary bulk to wrists.

Delicate bracelet

A simple rule for choosing a watch for a petite frame is to opt for a smaller watch if you have a smaller wrist. After all, big watch bands and faces are going to appear disproportionate on smaller wrists.

Final Thoughts

Accessories are a fun way to complete a look by adding dimension, color, patterns, and textures to any outfit. When choosing accessories, it is important to keep proportions in mind and not allow accessories to become overwhelming. As with any facet of fashion, the two most important things to keep in mind are to choose accessories that you love and to wear what inspires confidence.

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