The Top 20 Petite-Friendly Stores

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Shopping for clothing when you are petite isn’t always easy, but luckily there are stores that have begun catering to those of us that have shorter than average proportions. Nothing can quite rival the disappointment of finding the perfect piece but not being able to buy it because it doesn’t come in your size. Luckily, these stores take a lot of the stress out of shopping by having clothing available in a wide range of sizes for smaller gals. Read on to find out some of our favorites.

The Top 20 Petite-Friendly Stores:

  1. Reformation
  2. Stature
  3. Frilly
  4. Topshop
  5. Nordstrom
  6. J.Crew
  7. Boden
  8. Bomb Petite
  9. Dorothy Perkins
  10. Paige
  11. ASOS
  12. Ann Taylor
  13. Banana Republic
  14. Anthropologie
  15. Missguided
  16. Precis Petite
  17. Eileen Fisher
  18. The Gap
  19. Petite Studio
  20. Amazon

If you’re looking to turn heads and gain compliments through your wardrobe choices, these stores are a great bet for finding perfect petite pieces.


Reformation has made a name for itself in the fashion world by providing stylish clothes with a re-inspired vintage vibe, so it’s only natural that a fashionable petite girl would be drawn to their stunning attire.

Luckily for us petite girls, Reformation has a petite line that offers pieces that have been modified with shorter proportions in mind. This means that your maxi won’t come dragging on the floor or your top won’t swallow you up in billows of extra fabric.

On top of all that, Reformation is invested in producing a sustainable business practice that minimizes its waste, water, and energy footprint on the earth. They provide reports that get very detailed about the actual cost, both financial and environmental, of producing the clothing and show how they are partnering with conservation and environmental programs to help reduce their impact.

So, not only can you find a great fitting piece of clothing, but you can also feel confident that it was made with eco-friendly practices.


Stature is a New York-based boutique featuring hand-selected clothes from indie clothing lines, giving a unique and ever-changing rotation of highly coveted curated pieces. It was founded by two petite women who have the goal of providing clothes for petites that don’t require additional tailoring in order to fit properly.

Their seasonal collections always feature items that can suit a wide range of petite body types, such as those of us with shorter torsos or bigger busts. Stature also offers smaller shoe sizes. Stature even negotiates with brands that wouldn’t normally offer petite sizes in order to offer collaborative petite items custom-made for its store in exclusive quantities.


If you’ve reached your breaking point when it comes to finding the perfect off-the-rack fit, perhaps you should consider giving Frilly a go. Frilly is a clothing company offering completely customizable pieces. You read that correctly: every part of a piece, from the fabric used to the measurements right down to the type of buttons, is decided by you. This means that not only will you get a personalized piece that fits you like a glove, but it will also be absolutely unique.

Frilly celebrates quality over quantity, and like Reformation, they are open and mindful about the high-waste, throw-away nature of fashion and are working to change the way people approach clothes shopping.

Because each piece is made to order, Frilly doesn’t have issues with overstocked inventory that leads to waste. Each piece is also crafted by hand by a skilled tailor, so you know each piece is an investment that will last you much longer than a single season.

This all might sound like it comes with a hefty price tag attached (I mean, come on, custom made clothing?) but Frilly is actually reasonably priced, considering what you’re getting. Most of their dresses are under $200, although the price can increase depending on your customization requests. And it might be worth the price, if it means saving a trip to the tailor and the time spent searching multiple stores in order to find something that actually fits.


If you are looking for cutting edge, culturally defining style pieces for your wardrobe, look no further than Topshop. Born in London, Topshop prides itself on leading the trend and provides an impressive range of sizes for petite women.

Topshop partners with young, talented designers and start-up fashionistas to tailor their must-have collections to be modern and groundbreaking, but they also have style staples from big-name designers like Adidas and Kate Moss. Their petite sizes are extraordinarily good, with hems hitting at the right point and waistlines fitting remarkably well.

Topshop has excellent selections when it comes to shorter-legged trousers and they usually have a killer selection of jumpsuits and rompers made for petite proportions. However, sometimes their tops and dresses run on the smaller side so it may not be the best find for bustier petites or more curvy consumers.

If you’re not ready to buy online and you’re not heading to London anytime soon, Topshop has started popping up in the United States in select Nordstrom stores, so you can browse pieces in person and try before you buy.


Speaking of the department store giant, Nordstrom is another reliable bet for petites. This retailer consistently stocks petite-friendly brands like Madewell, Topshop, and Vince Camuto. Their online site lets you search specifically among brands for your size in their women’s petite-size clothing section. And Nordstrom boasts everything you might need, from casual pullovers to classy cocktail dresses.

In addition, many Nordstrom locations offer an in-house tailoring service, which can help achieve the proper fit even if the size isn’t quite right off the rack. This can sometimes be more convenient than trying to find a tailor on your own.

J. Crew

J.Crew is famous for its preppy-yet-timeless style that makes you feel effortlessly modern season after season. They love to add bright pops of color and playful yet tasteful graphics if you’re looking to make a statement, but they have also mastered the art of the classics with neutrals and dark solids in sweaters, coats, pants; you name it, and all made from quality fabrics.

J.Crew is inclusive for petites by offering an extensive line exclusively catering to smaller proportions. They are created for anyone wanting to add crisp, clean pieces to their wardrobe with that effortlessly chic “I just stepped off my yacht” east-coast vibe. Plus, they source eco-friendly fabrics and uphold better business practices in regard to their factory workers.


Boden could be considered the British counterpart to J. Crew. It specializes in preppy, clean silhouettes that are appropriate for both work and social events.

Boden isn’t afraid to play around with bold colors, and their petite clothing section is no exception. Expect to find vibrant statement colors like poppy red, fuchsia, and kelly green. Their dresses feature flattering, trim silhouettes and petite-friendly details like waistband ties and deep necklines.

Frequently, as petites, we are told to avoid certain colors and patterns and so many designers serve up masses of dark colors and neutrals which can become a real yawn after a while. The petite line of clothing at Boden, however, is great for finding statement pieces that will bring a breath of life into your closet. One thing is for sure, these prints and colors are not for those wishing to blend into the scenery.

While keeping up with the upbeat trends of today, many of Boden’s pieces fall back on classic design features that give them an air of vintage timelessness with a modern twist that keeps them from being stale.

Bomb Petite

The name says it all on this one: Bomb Petite is a great place to find all sorts of attire that is made to make your petite frame look awesome. Their philosophy is that your size shouldn’t rule you out from being able to participate in current fashion trends. Because of this, clothes-obsessed petites love to flock to their online shop and find the latest fashion finds for their closets.

Bomb Petite makes a point to use models that are more relatable to petite shoppers, with models of all ages and petite proportions. They also actively accept applications from petite women wanting to model their clothes for paid photoshoots, even if they have no modeling experience.

Bomb Petite is now also offering a bespoke service in which they will work with you in a series of fitting sessions in order to get your fit just right. This means you can obtain that custom, personalized fit for almost any piece.

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is another UK-based retailer now distributing to the United States and offering hip, fashionable finds for petite women. Their petite section is known for featuring runway-inspired pieces but at a very wallet-friendly price.

One great advantage of Dorothy Perkins’ petite range is that it still offers a variety of sizes, meaning plus-size petites don’t need to feel left out. Their pieces offer a wide range of both formal and casual looks.


As a petite, buying jeans can be one of the biggest shopping headaches. Either the legs are way too long or the waist doesn’t fit right, and before you know it you’ve tried on half the denim department and haven’t got a single winning pair. If this sounds familiar, then Paige is worth checking out.

Paige is an LA-based company known for its premium selection of denim pieces that are bound to become staple items in your closet. The company is constantly evolving and striving to produce products that are stylish, iconic, and enduring. It was founded by a former Miss California and quickly gained traction as the only female-founded company in premium denim at the time of this writing.

For petites, Paige offers pieces that not only fit but will stand the test of time after repeated wear. Their petite range is extensive, offering choices such as boot cut, cropped, raw-hemmed, wide-legged, and skinny, just to name a few. It’s no wonder that many petite fashionistas sing the praises of Paige denim.


ASOS has been dominating as a one-stop fashion destination for trendy petites. They have an all-inclusive approach to clothing design, meaning that they have sizing varieties for a wide range of items, including both petite, tall, and plus sizes, with upwards of 30 different sizes all at the same price. This means you aren’t obligated to pay extra just because you were built a little differently than the fashion standard.

If you aren’t ready to shell out half your paycheck for a new custom made dress, ASOS is a great alternative for petites. Their petite line features budget-friendly finds in a wide variety of styles.

Their models reflect their inclusive attitude by featuring a wide array of sizes and ethnicities and ASOS has made a promise of no digital alteration, meaning you’re likely to see a piece of clothing being modeled by someone you can relate with.

In addition, ASOS has been taking steps in the last few years to develop Ethical Trade Strategies and to assume more accountability for its environmental impact by producing better quality garments.

Ann Taylor

For many petites, Ann Taylor is a go-to fashion friend. The company specializes in wear-to-work pieces for the professional woman, and their petite section is extensive. Ann Taylor started in the 1950s, looking to appeal to a new population of women who were entering the workplace.

Their petite pieces have a sophisticated, feminine touch that can make you feel a boost of confidence in the workplace while likely receiving compliments from your peers. The petite section is tried and tested to achieve the right hemlines and trim, which means you won’t be left needing to cuff your pants or feel the need to head to the tailor.

Many of their petite pieces are the result of the company taking careful consideration to design specific articles with the petite frame in mind. This means that patterns tend to be small, so as not to overwhelm, and styles are kept trimmed to help define the waist and create flattering silhouettes.

Ann Taylor allows the petite woman to rock a classic pair of work trousers without having to pay extra for a tailored fit.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic is another great choice for petites looking for wear-to-work clothing that can sometimes pull double duty for social events. The company prides itself as a destination for those seeking clothing without boundaries, that can travel well and look sleek and stylish in a range of settings.

The store has an excellent range of petite-sized items, and most of their garments are made with awesome features such as wrinkle and stain resistance. They also have pieces with a bit of stretch, meaning it is a great option for more curvy petites.

Banana Republic is also taking steps to maintain a more environmentally responsible business by reducing water pollution and by sourcing fabric materials from sustainable suppliers.


Even though Anthropologie is known for flowing, bohemian-style pieces that would normally threaten to swallow a petite-body-frame whole, the retailer has stepped up and now offers a wide array of pieces catered to smaller sizes via their petites section.

The online store allows you to browse the entire petite section, which is expansive and offers everything from simple tank tops to beautifully detailed, tiered maxi dresses. Because the pieces are designed with petite women in mind, excessive fabric is trimmed without losing the overall breezy boho feel of the pieces.


If you’re petite and looking for your next night-out outfit, look no further than Missguided. Their petite section features a fantastic range of slinky, sexy dresses, distressed jeans, and tank tops. Another added bonus is that they even have a petite swimwear collection.

Just because you are petite doesn’t mean you can’t feel glam, and Missguided definitely has you covered on this front. Their sizes accommodate curvier petites, as well. Arguably one of the best parts of Missguided is their price point. Their pieces aren’t going to break the bank and you can still feel like a million bucks while wearing them. Plus, they usually offer even steeper discounts for students.

Precis Petite

Precis Petite exists as a rare all petite clothing company. This UK-based brand caters exclusively to petites, meaning that you can shop with confidence knowing every item is available in your size.

The clothing available through Precis Petite tends to lean towards workwear, but they do have a fair variety of occasion-wear, too. Patterns and colors are selected to flatter smaller body frames and come in classic styles that are bound to look stunning.

Eileen Fisher

Based in the United States, Eileen Fisher has been serving up petite-friendly neutrals for years. They specialize in soft, comfortable fabrics that are sustainably sourced. The brand had very humble beginnings, focusing on simple shapes and beautiful colors that can work in a variety of settings. Now, it has expanded to continue to design and develop new pieces for the modern woman.

According to Eileen Fisher herself, the company designs clothes specifically to create items that are functional and fashionable, that a wearer barely needs to even think about in order to wear them stylishly. Not only are the pieces classic and elegant, they are comfortable and suitable to wear throughout the day as well.

The petite section at Eileen Fisher is extensive, and it is a must for any petite looking for neutral, minimalist pieces. Expect to find scores of supple, organic linen pieces in earth tones as well as soft cottons in flattering shapes and cuts.

The price point of Eileen Fisher is a bit higher than some of the other stores listed here, but the quality construction of the petite pieces and their neutral, timeless-chic style means they can be an investment that will be a versatile closet staple for years to come.

The Gap

The Gap is a particularly great resource for any petites looking for stylish clothing. The Gap proves that, as a petite, we don’t have to spend money on tailoring. That’s because this retailer makes it possible to buy off-the-rack sizes that work for our frames, which makes The Gap a major find.

The Gap boasts a robust petite section of clothes. Their clothing tends to be classic, dependable styles, and so it is a great resource if you’re looking to pick up some go-to basic pieces like a cardigan, a t-shirt, jeans, or some khakis.

In addition, GapFit specifically offers great workout basics in classic styles, including compression tights that have appropriate hemlines for shorter legs and tank tops with reflective trims to increase visibility during late night or early morning runs.

Petite Studio

Another company offering exclusively petite-only clothing, Petite Studio is a New York based retailer that is consistently designing knock-out attire for petite girls everywhere. They have a great range of everyday pieces, specifically addressing clothing items that are notoriously difficult finds for petite women, such as outerwear, pants, and skirts.

With their focus on slow fashion, Petite Studio concentrates on featuring details that flatter petites, such as higher waistlines and pants that crop at the ankle, and they often test fit the articles on real petite models over the course of several months in order to achieve the most consistent fit and flattering design. In addition, a lot of their items have a vintage-inspired quality with a timeless, cool look.

Petite Studio also takes time to produce quality products using high-end fabrics, meaning that they will last through several seasons of wear. They make efforts to select fabrics from sustainable farms that result in pieces that are both durable and comfortable.

Since Petite Studio has smaller production runs, their seasonal lines have a curated, exclusive feel while also minimizing waste from excess stock. Another cool feature of Petite Studio is that they will re-purpose scrap fabric into items like scrunches and scarves, meaning that not only can you buy cool matching accessories to your outfit, but you also help reduce waste.


While Amazon obviously doesn’t fall under the traditional umbrella of a fashion retailer, it is impossible not to mention them when considering petite clothing. If you’re looking for an immediate wardrobe update, look no further than this one-stop online warehouse.

Amazon currently carries thousands of brands in a wide variety of sizes and fits, meaning that if you’re willing to browse, you’re likely to find something perfect for your measurements. Of course, you need to pay careful attention to the fit guides, as some products may have non-traditional sizing scales, and when in doubt read the reviews.

The reviews section of Amazon can be like having a team of personal shoppers who have already done the legwork and tried out a product. Often, reviewers will even post pictures of the product, showing how the piece looks on a real body in real life, giving you a better idea of whether the piece will work for you.

Amazon also has a Petite Fashion storefront, meaning you basically have a seemingly inexhaustible source of petite-exclusive apparel at your fingertips. For these reasons, it’s hard to ignore the appeal of Amazon when it comes to solving a petite girl’s struggle to find clothing that fits.

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