The Best Denim Brands for Petite Jeans

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Shopping for jeans can be a drawn-out and frustrating process. No matter how popular a denim brand might be, everyone is looking to a different style and feel in their jeans, and no two people will have the same fit, even if they wear the same size. Fit issues can be even more challenging if you’re on the shorter side, as many brands don’t even offer petite sizing.

To help you find your perfect fit faster, we’ve compiled this list of the best denim brands for petite jeans:

  • Topshop
  • NYDJ
  • Madewell
  • Good American
  • ASOS Design
  • Levi’s
  • Gap
  • Reformation

Like we said before, everyone has different criteria for their “dream jeans,” so each of these denim brands has a unique combination of features that make what they have to offer better than other petite jeans. Whether you’re looking for a good deal, a specific cut, waist style, or type of material, you’re likely to find something that works for you if you keep reading.


Unlike many of the other brands, Topshop offers designated petite lengths in sizes 0 through 14. Unfortunately, these days it’s pretty rare to find clothing brands with dedicated petite lines, so finding a denim brand with one can be pretty challenging.

Even if you do find one, there might be only a few jeans offered in petite sizing compared to standard-sized jeans. Thankfully, Topshop has a versatile range of cuts and styles that meet the fashion and fit needs of many petite shoppers. Their jeans run between $60 and $95, although they often are on sale online for a lot less.

Most of Topshop’s petite jeans come in the industry-standard 28-inch inseam, and the brand offers dozens of petite jeans. For example, on Nordstrom alone right now, Topshop has 75 different jeans in its petite fit range.

That variety sets Topshop apart from other denim brands, especially because whenever you have fit needs outside of standard sizing, it can limit your fashion choices.

Topshop has several style lines for its jeans including:

  • Jamie Jeans
  • Joni Jeans
  • Leigh Jeans
  • Editor Jeans
  • Mom Jeans
  • Straight Leg Jeans

Jamie, Joni, and Mom jeans are Topshop’s most popular styles, and between them, the brand has a lot to offer even the most particular petite shopper.

Jamie Jeans

One of their most popular jeans styles, Jamie jeans from Topshop are their classic skinny jean. They have plenty of stretch and come in low-, mid- and high-waisted. On top of that, Jamie jeans are probably the brand’s most varied style, as they come in a wide selection of colors and washes that can make your look suit a variety of styles: modern, retro, trendy, classic, edgy, and more.

Joni Jeans

Topshop’s Joni jeans are their jean-legging (that even comes in bootcut styles) that has the most stretch and comfort. If you love having a truly fitted jean that will still leave you able to move freely, the Joni is the style for you. Like the Jamie jeans, the Joni comes is a variety of washes, colors washes, and waist styles, and there are plenty of ripped options, too.

Mom Jeans

Topshop’s take on the mom jean also comes is a huge variety of styles that includes some of the brand’s most trendy options. Plenty of their Mom jeans come in faded or acid washes that capture the retro style you might be looking for. Add that variety to the fact that petite mom jeans can be practically impossible to find, and you have a truly impressive find with Topshop’s Mom jeans.


If Topshop’s biggest selling point for petite jeans is its massive variety of styles, NYDJ’s is its size selections. NYDJ is one of the most size-inclusive denim brands out there, and that extends to their petite sizing as well.

NYDJ offers both straight and plus-sized jeans, and they have dedicated petite sizing in both sizing lines, which sets them apart from a lot of the competition. NYDJ’s straight-cut petite jeans come in size 00P to 18P while their Plus Petite jeans come in size 14WP to 28WP. Their petite jeans range in inseams, from 19 to 31 inches depending on the style.

There aren’t many brands out there with that level of size-inclusivity, and NYDJ doesn’t let down petite shoppers with their selection of straight and plus-sizes alike. Both size lines of petite jeans offer an exhaustive list of jean styles including:

  • Skinny
  • Slim
  • Straight
  • Bootcut
  • Wide leg
  • Pull-on (aka their jegging style)
  • Ankle
  • Crops/Capris
  • Shorts
  • Skirts

Many of these styles, particularly bootcut, wide leg, and capris can be hard to find in petite sizing, so NYDJ certainly delivers something other brands aren’t offering petite shoppers.

Instead of having to settle for what you can find that will fit “well enough,” you’ll have a huge selection to choose from to find what best matches both your fit and your style. NYDJ petite jeans can run between $69 and $139 at full price, but fortunately, they often have holiday sales or deals that you can take advantage of.


Madewell is another great denim brand for petite shoppers that offers jeans in a variety of sizes and styles, which include:

  • Sizes
    • Regular
    • Petite
    • Tall
    • Taller
    • Maternity
    • Extended Sizes
  • Styles
    • Skinny
    • Curvy
    • Perfect Vintage
    • Straight-Leg
    • Boyjeans
    • Demi-boot
    • Flare
    • Wide-Leg
    • Overall & Jumpsuits
  • Rise
    • Low – 8 in.
    • Mid – 9 in.
    • High – 10 in.
    • Extra-High – 11 – 12.5 in.
  • Stretch
    • Super stretch (Madewell’s version of jeggings)
    • Stretch
    • Comfort Stretch
    • Rigid (100% cotton, zero stretch for the jean purists out there)

Madewell offers the style variety of Topshop with the sizing variety of NYDJ as well as some other unique perks. The wide selection comes with an admittedly higher average price point, with Madewell jeans running you between $75 to $148, with most being priced at the higher end (around $135). Some of the brand’s higher pricing comes from their rigid, 100% cotton jeans as well as their fair-trade options.

Madewell often has sales and deals, which can make even their most expensive jeans sell for as much as 50% off. Additionally, their loyalty program, called Madewell Insider, can save you time and money. All you have to do is sign up for a free account with your email address, and you’ll get free shipping and returns for all your orders.

On top of that, Madewell has one amazing perk that every petite shopper might find very appealing: free hemming for jeans. That means that even more jeans styles will be accessible for the petite shopper because, if you find a Madewell jean you love in standard size or decide you’d prefer a higher ankle, you can have it tailored to suit your height and/or look in-store.

Good American

Good American is a brand that is all about high-quality jeans, and although they can cost quite a bit more than some of the other options on this list, the brand’s jeans have amassed a cult following that suggests they’re worth it. Good American jeans cost between $149 and $189, and many of them are sustainably sourced and produced.

The brand’s petite size line, called Good Petite, doesn’t offer more than a few options, but that’s not why they’re on this list. If you’re looking for premium petite jeans, Good American’s standard sizing offers workable options that you shouldn’t overlook.

Most brands that have petite pants follow the industry standard of 28-inch inseam, but many Good American jeans, which are styled on models to have a high ankle hemline, have 27-inch or 28-inch inseams. That means for many petite shoppers, they’ll still be a regular ankle- or full-length jean. Additionally, many of Good American’s jeans have a raw hemline, which makes them simple to hem at home for the perfect length and fit. Granted, these fits won’t be proportionally-sized overall, but they should still offer a good fit when it comes to their length.

And with Good American’s many fits, including Good Curve, Good Straight, Good Waist and Good Boy fits, their options suit all kinds of body types. There are plenty of reasons to go for Good American regular sized jeans over other petite options, including their signature “recovery fabric,” which allows their jean to have stretch without becoming loose and baggy over multiple wears.

Recently, Good American has also greatly expanded their size range, which means even more petite shoppers can try out the brand’s jeans to see if they’re the right choice. Now, Good American jeans come in sizes 00 to 24. They even have a size 15 to “bridge the gap” between standard and plus sizes for in-between shoppers.

ASOS Design

Although you’ve probably checked out clothes for sale on ASOS before, you may not have realized how much the company has expanded its in-house fashion items in recent years. Besides the variety of brands that they offer on the site, ASOS has its own, known as ASOS Design, and it has a huge selection of affordable jeans.

At full price, ASOS Design’s petite jeans run between $35 and $60, and the brand frequently has sales and offers coupon codes that allow you to get their trendy denim pieces at even more of a steal. They even have an ongoing 10% student discount program if you have a student email address. Compared to other brands with petite denim lines, there aren’t many brands that offer the same variety and quality ASOS Design does.

Similarly to the rest of the site, ASOS Design’s petite jeans come in styles that suit the most current trends, include acid wash, distressed, high-waisted, embellished, slouchy, flare, and leather-effect jeans, among many others. These petite jeans come in 26-inch and 28-inch inseams, in sizes 2 through 24.

If you need another great reason to consider trying these jeans, out of the dozens of petite jeans ASOS Design has, they offer a significant number that are made with eco-friendly manufacturing. A handful of their petite jeans are made using recycled fabric and the majority of them, roughly two-thirds, have been produced using sustainable materials.

ASOS also makes shopping for jeans easier with their shipping deals by offering free returns on every order. Although they don’t offer free shipping, if you sign up for their premier delivery, which is only $19 per year, you’ll get to enjoy “unlimited two-day shipping with no minimum order,” as well as a discount for next-day delivery on all of your orders.


Levi’s is a classic denim brand that many people already know and love, but the brand’s done a lot to modernize and diversify their jean styles, sizes, and rises. They don’t offer a distinct petite size line, but they have such a wide range of inseam lengths, that petite shoppers will have plenty of options to choose from within the Levi’s brand.

Levi’s jeans come in waist sizes 23 through 34 in standard sizes and 38.25 to 48.25 for waists sizes in their plus sizes range. The lengths are designated short (S), medium (M), or long (L) with inseams that range from 25 inches to 34 inches. Their prices can range by quite a bit compared to other brands on the list, running between $59.50 and $298, although most are listed at $98.

The brand also has an extensive selection of styles, including the old standards, skinny, straight, boyfriend, wide leg, bootcut, slim, mom jean and more, with some interesting names like:

  • Mile High
  • Wedgie
    • Levi’s “vintage-inspired style that hugs your hips and waist.”
  • Ribcage
    • The brand’s most extreme high rise, with a 12-inch rise, the Ribcage style might not be the best fit for petite shoppers as it might start to skirt into strapless jumpsuit territory depending on your torso length.
  • Balloon
    • Levi’s balloon jeans mimic denim styles from the 80s for an iconic, retro look.
  • High Loose

The special feature that sets Levi’s apart from other brands on this list is that, overall, the brand has four different ways to find your perfect fit and style so you can discover exactly what your perfect pair of jeans looks like:

With prices from $148 and up, the customization options are for shoppers who take finding the perfect jean seriously. Levi’s Tailor shop allows customers to have certain jeans customized with patches, laser-finished rips, and other finishing touches. These jeans are limited to sizes 23 to 33, with inseam lengths between 27 inches and 34 inches, and in either Levi’s Skinny or Wedgie fit.


Gap is yet another denim brand that has expanded its plus-size options for petite shoppers, which means a better chance of finding your perfect pair of jeans. Their petite jeans come in sizes 00 (or XXS) to 20 (or XXL).

The brand’s jeans come in mid, high, and sky high rises between its various jean styles including:

  • Jegging
  • Skinny
  • Slim
  • Straight
  • Relaxed
  • Boot & flare
  • Wide leg

While Gap’s jeans might not come in the most adventurous styles compared to some of the other denim brands on this list, this brand has all the classic favorites that everyone needs in their wardrobe. Ranging between $59.95 to $89.95 (with items frequently offered at sale prices more than 50% off), Gap’s jeans are a reliable staple that merit trying out to see how they fit.


For the last denim brand on this list, we have Reformation, a sustainable brand that’s had quite a lot of hype around their jean releases in recent years. Reformation jeans, which come in petite sizes from 23P to 31P, are similarly priced to Levi’s jeans with most pairs listed for $98, although prices can go as high as $178.

Like Good American, Reformation doesn’t have very many pairs of petite jeans. But plenty of their jeans are meant to end on the ankle for regular size, so they can definitely work for the 5’3” and under crowd.

With their incredibly popular and unique style options, like their Star jeanNewsprint jean, and Bowie jean, it might be enough to tempt you to see if their inseam length will work for you.

Beyond their more out-there styles, Reformation has a variety of standard options that will help you discover which combination of features makes up your perfect jean, including a variety of washes and colors, as well as:

  • Style
    • Skinny
    • Cigarette
    • Straight
    • Relaxed
    • Wide Leg
    • Bootcut
    • Cropped
  • Rise
    • Mid Rise
    • High Rise
    • Super High Rise
  • Fabric
    • Rigid
    • Comfort Stretch
    • Super Stretch

Considering the high price tag of their jeans, thankfully, Reformation makes buying and trying jeans online easier, with free shipping to anywhere in the world and a 21-day return policy with free return shipping for the U.S. Additionally if you live in the U.S. and already know the size you need, you can choose instant Ref Credit to automatically turn your return refund into store credit so you can have your new pair sent out sooner.  

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