Can Petites Wear Capris Or Cropped Pants?

With fashion trends constantly changing there are always questions about what women can wear these days. One of these questions comes from petite women who are wondering if they can wear capris or cropped pants without making themselves appear shorter than they already are. 

In short, the answer is 100% yes! While there used to be a general rule that shorter women shouldn’t wear anything that appears to cut the overall line of their legs off at a certain point, there are a variety of fashion options that work to address that problem. So, if you have been trying to wear cropped pants or capris then here is the ultimate guide for pulling off this fashion trend as a petite woman. 

Choose The Right Length

The right length of capri or cropped pants is going to differ wildly depending on where the length is in your body. Some petite individuals have a longer torso while others have shorter ones which will change where your pants should hit on your body 

If you have longer legs instead of a longer torso then you should choose a capri length that is more commonly associated with being worn by taller women. If you have long legs the best place for your capris to lie is around the ankle. This length helps to create a clean line in your everyday look and makes you appear longer regardless of how tall you actually are. 

If you have shorter legs with a longer torso then you are going to want to choose a shorter style of cropped pants. Somebody that has short legs will want to focus on cropped pants that hit just below their knee by two inches at the most. This look helps your legs to appear longer and slimmer. Additionally, for this look, you should choose cropped pants that are straight or have a slight taper to them because wide-legged capri styles work against your height and make you appear shorter 

Focus on Shoes That Flatter Your Size

If you are looking to elongate yourself it is always wise to choose shoes that are in the same family of colors as the cropped pants that you are wearing. By choosing a shoe that more closely resembles the color of your pants you will find that you have a longer visual line that gives you the illusion of lengthier legs. 

That means choosing black shoes with black capris or neutral shoes with neutral cropped pants. If you find that you’re having a hard time finding a decent matching shade then you could always go for a slightly metallic tone but it’s suggested that you stay away from shoes that are so bright that they draw all of the attention. When you choose those types of shoes you will find that your legs look shorter and you will appear to be cut off at the ankle, which will only make you look even more petite. 

Additionally, you can always opt to wear heels if you’re interested in trying to have a streamlined look; however, petites being strongly advised to force themselves to endure heels in an effort to appear taller is no longer the norm in the fashion industry. If you are interested in wearing flats in your day-to-day life then you, as a petite, are able to pull that look off. Keep in mind, when wearing capris or cropped pants with flats it’s best to choose shoes that don’t have bulky buckles. Instead, choose a more simply-styled shoe that will work to streamline your look. 

Pick Softer Colors

While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it is a guaranteed way to amplify how long you look. Choosing a fabric color that doesn’t create a sharp contrast between your skin tone and the cropped pants themselves is going to help make you seem a little bit taller as you go through your day. 

Neutral colors are always a good choice so focus on colors such as white, khaki, brown, or a light grey. You can choose which shade works the best for you and your skin tone and you can play it up a little bit with a variety of different neutral tones that compliment your skin shade. 

If you are interested in seeming even more lengthy then you should choose a top or tunic that doesn’t create sharp or intense visual contrast. That means choosing a complementary blouse to wear with your more neutral cropped pants so that you can make the line from your head to your toes appear as long as possible before you begin to break it up. 

Accent Your Shape Appropriately

Petite women come in every possible size and shape. Because of that, there are fluctuating rules about what you should wear when you chose to step out in cropped pants. Paying attention to your personal body shape is going to go a long way towards making you look lengthy and streamlined. 

No matter your shape, you should always wear a top that accents your natural waist because that will help to bring people’s attention up and will help to balance your frame regardless of your size. Shorter tunics with a clear waist are one of the best options for crop pants and capris and it is a look that is incredibly easy to transition from day to night. 

If you have a pear shape you should choose a straight fit in your cropped pants because it works best for your curves. If you are an apple shape then you should choose capris that have a front zip and closure as well as a wider waistband to help balance your body. However, if you have a slim frame you might want to wear fuller cropped pants or a cargo-style capris with pockets to help add weight without making you appear larger. 

Focus On Your Tops

The length of your cropped pants is not the only consideration when you are choosing what to wear. It is important to choose tops that are going to hit your body in the right places to give you the illusion of length so that you don’t look shorter. After all, it’s just as important to ensure that you don’t cut your body off in the wrong place when you’re trying to create a seamless look. 

If you are wearing cropped pants that have a high waist then you should stick to tops that gently skim the top of your capris. This particular fit will flatter your body regardless of your shape and help to give you the illusion of having longer legs regardless of how petite you actually are. Remember to wear a more neutral top and also remember that you can choose to wear a slim belt at your natural waist to highlight your curves. 

You can also choose to wear a longer top even if you are petite. Fashion advice used to state that it was never smart to wear a longer top if you were smaller because it made you seem as if you were swimming in oversized clothing. That is no longer the case. If you are going with this option you simply have to choose capris that are fitted and tailored to ensure that your body is balanced instead of overwhelmed. 

Opt For Subtle Patterns

There are always going to be women who are willing to bend some fashion rules to achieve the style that they have been looking for. If you are one of those women and are dedicated to bringing prints into your everyday look then it is important to think about what sort of prints are going to work on a petite frame. 

We don’t want to discourage anyone from choosing a print that makes them feel beautiful but we do want to make sure that you look your best self-everyday when you step out the door. Due to this, we think it’s important to mention that choosing big and bold prints on your capri or cropped pants is going to be overwhelming for a petite person and make you look choppy. If you are invested in wearing a print you should choose one that is more proportional to your shorter size. 

If you are into wearing bright and perky patterns then make sure that you choose a pattern that is a smaller or more delicate in design. Also, if you want to wear stripes make sure you always choose vertical instead of horizontal to add length to your shorter frame. And if you’re going to wear more busy pants then a neutral make sure that you have chosen a very simple top so that there are balanced lines throughout your frame. 

Petites Can Pull Off This Look

As fashion rules continue to grow and change it can be difficult to keep track of what is appropriate for the season and your body. However, now you know that you can pull off this fashion-forward look regardless of how petite you are. Simply choose the best option for your body and take strides forward to live the most fashionable life for you.

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