Can Petite Women Wear Palazzo Pants?

Palazzo Pants With Heels

If you’re a petite woman, there are a few things that you probably can’t do. Grabbing an item from the top shelf, or reaching for the last sock in the washing machine while keeping your feet planted on the ground, for instance. Let’s not even talk about your head constantly being used as an armrest for tall people. When it comes to fashion, though, there are plenty of tricks for breaking down the style barriers often faced by short women.

In a world overrun by skin-tight skinny jeans, palazzo pants are freeing our squished legs from their restrictive denim prisons. These wide-legged trousers are all over social media and fashion blogs, and they look drop-dead gorgeous—but they’re always displayed on towering, statuesque models. Fear not, petite ladies! If you’ve ever wondered if petite women can wear palazzo pants; the answer is yes. By learning to make just a few simple adjustments and additions, short girls, too, can enjoy wearing super-chic palazzo pants. It’s just a matter of choosing the most flattering style of palazzo pants for your build, rounding out your ensemble with the right top, and then adding the right accessories. By taking these simple steps, you’ll be able to look absolutely stunning while also being incredibly comfortable.

Pair Your Palazzo Pants With the Perfect Top

Changing the style of your shirt can make a huge difference in how palazzo pants look on your body. You should always try to define your waistline and contrast the wavy look of the palazzo pants by picking a fitted top or cropped top. Off-the-shoulder tops can work, too. Think of them as a sort of reverse crop top. If your shirt is longer on the bottom, make sure to tuck it in and push any excess fabric towards your back so that the waist is accentuated. Opt for a solid color or subtle print on your shirt. If you want to fancy it up, a simple lace sleeve should do the trick.

The Perfect Accessories to Pair With Your Palazzos

Accessorizing is certainly no new concept in the fashion world. Accessories were born to add drama and pizazz to your ensembles. Even the most plain Jane outfit can go from drab to fab with the addition of an accessory or two.

For petite girls who want to pull off palazzo pants, accessorizing definitely jumps to the top of your priority list. Finishing your outfit with some statement jewelry will help to balance out the high waist and wide legs of palazzo pants. Feel free to get creative and experiment with different accessories. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some accessory additions you can try:

Choker – Bringing attention to the upper body will help elevate your look. Go for a choker with a color or print that contrasts that of the palazzo pants. • Bamboo bag – A handbag is an important architectural statement piece for any outfit. Bamboo is both neutral and versatile, making it easy to pair with any style of palazzo pants. As an added incentive, bamboo bags also happen to be super trendy right now. • Scarf – A bright scarf can add a necessary pop of color and, again, draw the eye upwards. • Hat – Try pairing your palazzo pants with an over-sized floppy hat. It will provide great balance to the wide legs of the pants, and give the outfit a chic, modern vibe. Plus, let’s be honest, floppy hats are the cutest.

Which Shoes Should You Choose?

Another super simple way to make palazzo pants work with your petite frame is to pair them with heels. Yes, petite women can absolutely wear flats, but if you don’t mind heels once in a while, then consider trying stilettos or platform wedges with your palazzo pants. The goal in choosing this style of shoe is to add those few extra inches of height to bring the pants up off of the ground.

You should avoid wearing chunky heels with billowy palazzo pants, as they add too much bulk to your lower half. Remember, you don’t want to add extra attention to the bottom of the ensemble. Skinny heels are best for extending your legs. Pumps or pointed-toed sandals are very flattering for petite women, too.

Visit a Tailor to Get the Perfect Fit

A more drastic or permanent adjustment to your palazzo pants can be made by visiting a tailor. Where your pant hem falls has a major effect on how short or tall you’ll appear. Before taking a trip to the tailor, you’ll need to first decide what kind of shoes you’re going to be wearing—particularly if your palazzo pants are full-length. Have them hemmed to a point just above the ground, but never touching the ground. It’s important that the line of the pant leg stays straight and doesn’t bunch up at your feet.

Or Opt for Shorter Styles

Alternatively, you could opt for cropped or ankle-length palazzo pants and eliminate the need for tailoring altogether. Be warned, though, ankle-length cuts create a sharp horizontal line at the ankle which could potentially make your legs look cut off.

Select the Right Style of Palazzo Pants and Look Stunning

Palazzo pants are available in a wide variety of styles and cuts. To rock palazzo pants as a petite woman, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying the right fit for your frame. Avoid making a dreaded fashion faux-pas with these easy tips for choosing the right palazzo pant style:

• Styles with vertical stripes will elongate the legs and counterbalance the width of the pant leg. Stick to subtle vertical prints or even just a vertical hem. Avoid showy or gaudy prints that can overwhelm a small frame. Basically, don’t go for anything too loud or busy.

• The fabric that your palazzo pants are constructed from can have an impact on how they look on your body. The best fabrics for petite palazzo pants are rayon, jersey, or silk. Soft and flowing fabrics hug your curves in a much more flattering way than rigid fabrics. Ideally, the fabric should hug you, but not cling to you.

• Always go for the high-waisted style palazzo pant. Any high-waisted pants are typically flattering for short women, but this is especially true for palazzo pants. By having the waist of the pants sit above your natural waist, inches are instantly added to your legs—giving the illusion that you’re a bit taller than you really are.

• Proper length is the key to pulling off petite palazzo pants. The ideal length is just above the ground. You never want your palazzo pants to drag on the ground. Not only is it a sloppy look, it damages the pants and can cause you to trip and fall.

• Dark, solid colors are a safe style choice for petite palazzo pants. They’re the best style for balancing out the wide legs and adding structure to your outfit. A good color rule for petite palazzo pants is monochromatic dressing. Monochromatic dressing means pairing your palazzo pants with a top of a very similar color. This creates an elongating effect, as your whole body is one column of solid color. Victoria Beckham is known to follow this fashion trend and she looks amazing doing it.

Final Words of Fashion Wisdom

Confidence, more than anything, will enable you to pull off petite palazzo pants with the same charm and grace as the lankiest of supermodels. Palazzo pants are awesome because they can be so versatile. You can mix up your accessories, shoes, and tops to create individualized and unique looks for any occasion.

Seriously, palazzo pants can go anywhere. Brunch with the girls, meeting your partner’s parents, a day at the office—these pants are as unstoppable as you. Celebrities are even rocking palazzo pants to red carpet events and other elegant affairs. For example, Kim Kardashian paved the way for petite palazzo wearers with her 5’3’’ frame. Other petite celebrities and fashion icons like Vanessa Hudgens, Lady Gaga, and the Olsen twins have also been seen rocking palazzo pants on numerous occasions.

So, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” You can wear palazzo pants as a petite woman. Well, technically you can do anything you put your mind to, but definitely yes to wearing palazzo pants. Height (or lack thereof) is no reason not to give wide-legged pants a try.

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